Posted by: Shriroop | December 21, 2006

Hope – Even After The End

Hope as defined in dictionary is – “A wish or desire accompanied by confident expectation of its fulfillment.”

Materialistic desires give birth to selfish hopes. People wanting to acheive their targets and goal become hopeful to be successful. Hope in all cases and situations is a neutral term which portrays positivity in the direction of the goal.

Staying hopeful even after the worst has struck you is like bringing a dead man back by giving him electric shocks on a hospital bed. But even described as another meaning – “Hope is an emotional belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances within one’s personal life.”

This leads me to believe that hope shows commitment, it shows a promise to one’s own thoughts that there is a possibility of them coming true even against all odds. Hope in real life is seen at many junctures fighting with the logical and practical thoughts within the mind. Hope is a term that even if there would be nothing at all there will be hope. Hope from all living beings has gained such a momentum that its own existance is not seen through naked eyes but it previals and will exists even after all living beings are extinct.

Being hopeful can make you mentally weak and selfish, but contractdicting my own sentence it might make you mentally strong in helpless and severe circumstances. Desperation on the other hand serves like a traitor when imagined with Hope. At the same time Patience is a wiser and greater ally, if considered as a virtue and placed alongside Hope.

Hope also reminds me of a old saying which my Guru used to tell me inorder to motivate me. “These Days Will Also Pass By.” It is just a simple sentence but has the essence of Hope in every word and space. It fills you with confidence, positivity, assertiveness and feeling of starting fresh when you are feeling low. And if one is at the peak of success, this sentence removes any ego, over confidence and self pride that would have made itself at home in one’s mind.

Presence of good friends has always been there in my life. At times I have seen those same friends analyse their own problems in the most negative way as possible and loose all the hope. Being a neutral analyser, I could see how hope dies bit by bit when the series of incidences go against your good will. And being a good friend I have always given hope to my friends in difficult times.

Hope is even there after we have faced the death of a loved one, that I will see that loved one again. No one knows where, how and when, but love for that person does give birth to this feeling of Hope. Hence I believe Hope – Even After The End!

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