Posted by: Shriroop | December 30, 2006

Christmas – Gifts or God? Commercialization or Christ?

Christmas 2006 was wonderful. Enjoyed it at one of my mates place. The only time in the western world when families get together with love in their hearts for each other, that is what my little experience tells me.

Commercialisation was widely prevalent in cities rather than the spirit of the birth of Christ. Christmas is still a wonderful thing as it brings families and friends together even though they have been apart for a year. The positivity, kindness, joy and enjoyment is felt all over the place. The weather is cold and snow is always everyone’s favourite on a Christmas Day!

People enjoy giving away over Christmas! It is an atmosphere which is immpossible to describe in vocabulary but only best felt and explained if one experiences it. Church holds Midnight Mass and Christmas Carols but very few prefer to go there. Families enjoys drinking Sherry or Wine when gathered on the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Not to forget the wonderful Father Christmas or Santa Clause as we all know him, is expected to bring gifts to kids. Hanging those wonderful stockings overnight and in the morning they are filled with gifts miraculously. But as we all know parents or guardians do it for the happiness of kids. In the morning when the kids open the gifts, the joy of happiness and innocent faces lit up filling the whole atmosphere in the home with joyousness.

People like to invite people who would be alone over Christmas. No one likes to spend Christmas on their own apart from Scrooge! Family and friends come closer discovering how much they love each other. Plenty of food is cooked including the traditional Turkey and the Christmas Pudding.

Good thing about Christmas in today’s life is that it brings families and friends who love each other dearly and fills up their heart with the spirit of Joy and Happiness. I enjoyed Christmas and would love to enjoy it for the next coming years of my Life.

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