Posted by: Shriroop | January 7, 2007


One of the essential attributes of a state under international law is external sovereignty—that is, the right to exercise freely the full range of power a state possesses under international law. Recognition of a state as independent necessarily implies that the recognizing states have no legal authority over the independent state. The status of a fully independent state should be contrasted with that of dependent or vassal states, where a superior state has the legal authority to impose its will over the subject, or inferior, state. – from

If the similar aspect is covered in a human’s life the fresh and free air is felt in the lungs giving the highest form of self-confidence and trust within an individual. Believe to be free. Be free but be disciplined. The freedom of thought affects the life we live and the world we will create and leave for our children.

Be brave in what you want to do and think freely from any bondings or distractions. Be unbaised and independent in your decessions. After 60 years of Independence India is struggling in few matters of its international borders. There is much to fight for and be there for your country. The independence of India came at a huge price which we cannot afford to pay again; Never again. Trust your country and countrymen. Respect the soldiers that protect the borders and provide you the freedom to live as you wish in India.

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