Posted by: Shriroop | January 15, 2007

Saying No Hurts – Ouch !!

The only time it hurts to say NO is while you are saying that to your loved one or the thing which you love. Most of us had that feeling either once or more than once.

The other person suffers more that we do, most of the time. It is a feeling of helplessness that arises when we hear the NO. It feels like end of the world.

Why did my ears ever listened the words? Why???

One of the most miserable feeling one can ever feel is when a couple in love breaks up. Irrespective of who says the NO, the other suffers but undoubtedly the speaker also goes through the same misery. Responsible for uttering those words leaves that person spell bound is thinking about what state of mind the other one is in.

You feel sick, heart broken, sad, rejected, helpless, miserable, what do I lack?, cry out your heart, separated, removed from, insulted, not loved and what not. The list goes on and on. Nothing gives calmness to mind and heart is restless along with mind. You feel down and don’t like anything. The things that used to give you joy no longer bring even a modest smile on your face. You don’t talk and start self reflection.

Time the best healer of all wounds!

Time proves to be going slow and nothing seems to be moving. Life as if has come to a stand still. But it is only with time that both these lovers move on. Every life takes its own path and there is destiny for every soul. Lovers and loved ones die, but the soul doesn’t and neither does the love that used to be there. Amazingly enough we remember those loved ones at unexpected junctures of life. This could be one of the many possible ends of two loved ones, but there is always love and hope that they would find peace of heart somewhere, if not with each other.

Love Comes To Life As Daffodils Come To Spring

One might think that what would happen to this poor soul. Will this one ever be filled with joy and love again? And answer is given, when one sees that another person enters the life of this deserted heart. Cares for this person, has plenty of patience so that this person gains confidence, helps on every difficult occasion and gives unbiased and undivided attention to this soul. This might eventually turn into a bonding that is termed as platonic love. This love eventually changes the life of a deserted soul which was once down with frustration, dejected and severly hurt. The person brings joy, happiness, peace and content to life. But not many are lucky to have the plesure of Love-Spring after a disastrous Breakup-Winter.

But such is life I guess, still more to explore and more to suffer. Plenty to enjoy and plenty to learn from this wise teaching life. But saying no hurts, hurts a lot.

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