Posted by: Shriroop | March 29, 2007

Does Love Do It 2 You

Weekends are off for me. Work hard for five days, long hours and plenty of tasks looking forward to spend two days chilling. I do whatever I want to. Washing up is the usual. Occassionally friends drop in and we talk about what’s happening in our lives, discuss any problems, watch footy and play PS2. Life is cool so far.

Some weekends are not like others. I contemplate when I am alone. Thinking about her. Imagining how she would be spending her time. Girls huh! Reading love stories, listening to music, chatting with each other about latest handbag or their all time favourite Retail Therapy – shopping. But the thought of her sometimes just haunts me. She is a known stranger to me. I know her in some ways, but total stranger in plenty. I don’t know if she even likes me or not, but I know that I do. Clearity prevails along with fear. I wonder even if I ask her out or even just confess to her that I like you, what would be the outcome?
And that’s where my wise mate comes in saying –

“Life is too short and then you die!”

Makes me wonder as well as worry that does love only last as long as this body does?

Is end of Life end of Love? My heart disagrees to believe that and instincts shout to me that you will love her forever. But in all this apprehension what should I be doing? Confess to her that I like you and am crazy about you, she might turn around and say no. But that would not stop me loving her. Love to me is a timeless and priceless feeling that is cherished within the soul and not the body, prevails within the spirit and not within the brain.

Someone whom I want to be with. Spend hours chatting and knowing her. Make her laugh. Want to understand her, rather than everyone who expects others to understand them. Unconditional friendship is what I would love to have between us.
But hey these are just lovely thoughts which bring a smile on my face, reality sits just opposite to me smiling back at me saying – “Dear I am still here.”

So the odds of me being alone in my life look more when I text her and get no reply back ever. When I turn up at her place she vanishes in her room doing just about anything and leaves me alone. But my friends what I live for is – Just few minutes with her, Just a smile on her face and enjoying the pleasure of her company.

But she might have a boyfriend whom she even loves more than I could love her, so there you go. But still that does not stop me from loving her.
There is nothing at all wrong in loving someone even if they do not love you back – Well that is just a thought. So I’ll just keep on loving her forever and ever.


  1. Hey,

    Didn’t knew you started blogging. I Haven’t read all the post yet, but you bet, I will soon.

    Best regards. Take care.

  2. Hey,

    Never knew u were into blogging…Lots of heavy stuff too. Mate, ur blog for march, if u like her, talk to her and let her know….dont wait…speak now or forever hold your peace….

    Take care,

  3. Shriroop,

    Welcome to the world of blogging and writing.. Hope, you will end up writing a book one day..

    take care buddy.

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