Posted by: Shriroop | June 27, 2007

Does Love Do It 2 You – Part II

Just another weekend came along. A mate of mine was visiting me at my new place where I shifted. It had been another busy week and we were just talking along what shall we do this evening. This friend of mine, he likes to know what’s happening in my life and tries to find out almost everything he can. All intensions behind his curiosity are good because he likes to make sure that I am okay. We were talking and the matter about her came up.

He kept on saying what have you done about it and when are you going to ask her to meet and tell her how you feel about her. One of those types who would love to see me happy but if I back out from asking a girl he would nag me till I am frustrated. But doesn’t matter, after all he is a mate. Friendship a great thing when it is true. The discussion fired up my passion and finally I gave up my silence and made the move.

Picked up the mobile and sent her a sms. The love style of the 21st century’s SMS generation. Asked her if I wasn’t asking for too much, would she mind meeting me as I had something important to tell her. After a long wait in which we had already decided to go to the cinemas to spend the rest of the evening, the answer came. It is to ask too much and I don’t feel comfortable to meet you. What ever you have to say just text me and get it over with. Now guys take a moment to think. The above two lines are coming from a girl whom I love but she doesn’t know that I do. But at the same time I know her and I am not going to do her any harm if we met. What a world, hey, you know someone for four bloody years and this is what you get back. They feel uncomfortable in even meeting you. Never mind bite the bullet and move on to the next step. Someone would say I would have stopped here, but friends feelings were in command and there was nothing I could do to stop my self.

Took a pencil and pad, feelings started to flow. Wrote down whatever I felt about her, not to forget that my friend was accompanying me to put the words in such phrases that sounded soft but straight to the point. “Love You” was to be mentioned in those phares but had to take the encapsulation of “Like You”. Funny thing, these matters of heart. But anyway, after a mind boggling and full fledge writing and correcting, my friend said – It sounds just right. My heart said to me after reading it once again, Shriroop this is not your true self expressing. At that instance a thought struck – Life is already complicated don’t make it more.

Calming my mind down, letting my true feelings flow freely and at the same time asking my heart to rule for a short while rather than my head, the words started coming out of my mouth spontaneously. All I wanted to say to you is that I like you a lot and I have had feelings for you now since a long time. A simple sentence so true that I could not have made it any more clear and simple. A fact laid down so beautifully by my heart that even my head started asking the question – Is that so? After a few minutes I wrote the sms and alongside my friend was reading it or shall I say proof reading it. Once I finished writing the sms, I turned to my friend to ask his opinion. The expressions on his face said to me much more than his words. He said this is just perfect and no one can make this sound or feel better than the words from your own heart. The sms was in outbox scheduled to send and being a bit superstitious and nervous I crossed my fingers while sending it.

The amazing feeling of freeness was flowing throw my blood. The bullet was fired leaving behind the smoke coming out from the barrel like the arrow had left the string of the bow after a 23lbs pull and brushing through the side of the elbow. Finally there I had said the words to her. The feeling that I will think at some point in life that, what if I had said to her rather than holding my silence, had gone. I must say friends, it is an awesome feeling that makes you feel within your heart that you are true to your own self. Above all you found the courage to believe, accept and confess in a feeling that your heart was experiencing. While all that was happening I suddenly heard a voice, my friend said, what time is the film? Reality comes knocking at your door always when you try to enjoy your dreams, but hey that is life. Live while you can and make the most of it.

Watched “NEXT”, starring Nicholas Cage, Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel. A guy who can see the future for next few minutes and whole story revolves around that. But as soon as you see the future and know what is there it changes cause now you know it. But amazing dialogue that caught my attention and still stays hauting in my mind was made by Julianne Moore – “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!” Absolutely unaware how true it is and gives out different meanings if you heard it for the first time, it made my thoughts go off the tangent while watching the film. A skeptical thought pattern had started flowing through my mind. In the film the lead actor had saved a life of a good cop but being a fugitive he was arrested and tortured by the same good cop.

The film finished and we left for the car park. Switched on the mobile and wallah the sound of sms being received. 1 New Message. Checked it. It was her reply. I went all nervous and heart started beating heavily. Even though it was a windy night with a chill in air, I was feeling hot and bit breathless. Read the sms and she did not feel the way about me as I felt about her. My heart sunk. But even to my surprise as I read further down she had mentioned – “I don’t want to see you ever again.”Nothing else but my heart wept all night.

It might be true after all friends – “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!”


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