Posted by: Shriroop | August 7, 2007

Technology Intrigues Me

ChronographAdvancement of technology is one of the living and fast paced example of Darwin’s Theory of evolution. The best part of Technological evolution is that everything is man made or eventually evolved through the scientific inventions of human race and motivation from mother nature.

Another classic benefit is in many cases the species of a typical race are available for comparison. Proving it easier for all is one can have a fully working specimen of the species to make changes in the new evolution. For example mobile phones, cars, laptops and wrist watches. One could get a model of a 1524 pocket watch and compare with today’s latest model of the wrist watch, establishing the technological advances that have occurred over the past few hundred years. Possibilities in the imagination for technological advancement can hold no bounds if one explores them wisely.

Human race still struggles to find out why and how some things work the way they work in nature. For example weather, human death, Bermuda Triangle and many others. But technology developed by humans itself can achieve such heights that one would have not even thought about a thousand years ago.


  1. i am showing ur site to one of my friend. thanks.

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