Posted by: Shriroop | December 30, 2006

Struggle Of 2006

Contemplating 2006 as I near to the end, I feel important lessons of life were learnt. Every one has a tough life but for some it is harder and tougher than others. This life does not give retake to you as one would get at Hollywood!

Experienced that why people always worship the Rising Sun and not the Setting Sun! Help was also not free! Hence the saying Everything has a Price and There is nothing like free Lunch. Sometimes I wonder that whom should one trust in this world. And amazingly the whole world works on this simple word TRUST. Contemplate in your own space and search your feelings and you would get the answer.

Came to know who are my true friends, who are selfish and who are even not worth remembering during difficult times. Life at one point showed me failure, helplessness, debt, sadness, uncertainity in my future and worst of all distrust. Honesty Is The Best Policy, but only if it is towards the right person or worthy master!

Life is a wonderful experience and would love to enjoy and live it to the fullest, because no one has seen tomorrow! The same year gave me friends whom I will be ever so thankful for the moral support and courage they have given me in the darkest hours of my life. Mixed feelings of Frustration, Anger, Helplessness and Apprehension haunted my thoughts in the beginning of this year. But these 2 friends believed in me and were positive even then and are also today. God or Supreme Force does not throw anything at us which we cannot handle, this is what I have learnt! These friends helped me find my path, my own self-confidence and also the ability that I can fight this world on my own.

Father a word that means love, shelter, support, friend, warmth, protector, assurer and many more to me. He stood by me saying just one sentence –

I will be always there for you son, even if you are a failure or a success; I am your father and always will be!

I wish everyone should be blessed with the love of a father and no one should be left out, but in life there are cruel incidents and not everyone gets what they deserve.

Things did change during the middle of the year and ray of hope was felt when I got my work visa. But at that time more than me the 2 friends of mine where the happiest persons on the earth! Amazing is Love of Friendship! One of my good friend always says – “These Days Will Also Pass By”; and I could not argue much on that.

To Change is in the nature of Nature

Opportunity did knock at my door, offering me work purely on my merits and nothing else. Life is showing me the path of progress and experience is making me wiser and knowledgeable. A Smile stays on my face when I call my self, that in a way I have become, a Conservative Liberal. Two words who are antonyms of each other but describe the youth who is gaining wisdom within me.

Sometimes Life does not give us what we want easily, we have to struggle and make effort. Everyone knows that but not many of us implement that; hence only the experience of failure and the spirit of not giving into that failure, makes us wiser, confident and stronger to make another attempt towards success.

You would only know the true person within your friend only when you are in desperate need of his/her help. Try something new, ask for help to your most reliable friends and you would be surprised what you experience! A wiseman used to say

Never Trade Your Funeral Money For Someone’s Wedding

There is ray of light at the end of this Dark Tunnel called 2006, but I am ever so thankful to Life and Almighty that without this experience I would have not learnt these lessons of life which I have learnt paying a very hefty price. Certainly one could say I am changed within my heart and mind! Priority of morals in my life has changed resulting in the wisdom and experience which I carry with me.

Making things light, would like to say that Live Life with complete awarness. Never for one minute doubt your inner-self as it is the voice that would never lie to you in any situation of life. Trust yourself more than others and believe within yourself.


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